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Computers have most definitely become a necessity for anyone and everyone in today’s world. Due to the constant technological advances being made in computers, improvements will continue to progress and further create newer, faster, and more convenient machines. Most likely, the more advanced the computer, the higher the price.

What people don’t realize is that their older computer can be refurbished and made new again. That is what Priceless Computers is all about. They specialize in all kinds of computer repairs and sell refurbished computers at very reasonable prices. For example, they have a deal on an Intel Pentium 4, with a 40 GB hard drive, CR-Rom drive, Windows XP Professional, MS Office, and an anti-virus system for only $69. They even sell printers, you can buy an HP Laser Printer with Toner for $29.99. In need of computer accessories? They have wireless keyboards, mouses, web cams, head phones, monitors, speakers, and much more.

In terms of repairs, the computer techs at Priceless are all very knowledgeable and helpful. Their priority is customer satisfaction. Owner Sultan Salahuvdin states, “I put in all my energy here, I won’t let the customer be disappointed.” And how could anyone be disappointed? The prices are unbeatable, PC Repair prices are $25 an hour and Diagnostics are only $35. Salahuvdin explains, “my prices are better than anybody. That’s why we say, it’s no fix no charge. When somebody brings in their computer, we give them a price and if we cannot fix the problem, we do not charge them.”

Next time your computer crashes and you are on the verge of a meltdown, go to Priceless Computers. They will do their best to fix your machine. The store is in San Gabriel at 6913 Rosemead Blvd. Call (626) 237-2020 with any questions or see